Saturday, January 8, 2011

taking care of the hobbling hubs

Hubby- now deemed the Patient- had his ankle surgery this week. All went well and he is on the mend.  He's been a really nice patient to deal with- only minor threats to tie him down. He was most enjoyable right out of surgery, where he proceeded to tell me the nurses had beat his ankle with mallets... you know after they refused to give him his much requested unicorn horn.  During his surgery I slipped over to Target- after all I'm still a girl- but made it back before he was finished.  He knew ahead of time, but  before he really came to, he let everyone know I had abandoned him in his 'hour of need'- he was laughing the entire time! 

Since he's been such an easy patient, I decided to fix him a much requested dinner. He's been asking for a grilled hamburger, pretty much since he woke up from the surgery. I obliged and threw in some grilled 'fries.'
I've been craving veggies like crazy- so before dinner I threw together stuffed portabellas. 
Remove the stems and chop. Put mushroom caps in the oven- 425 for 15 minutes.
Mix in crushed garlic, chopped onion ( I used red onion), basil, goat cheese, bread crumbs, olive oil, and white wine.
stuff the mushrooms.
bake for 10 ish... maybe 15 minutes.
top with roasted red pepper!

So during last nights snow storm the pups ran off their energy, and I enjoyed some vino on the deck- with snow drifting to the ground.   It was a typical Friday night- minus the fact I have a 1 legged hubby!

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