Wednesday, February 27, 2013

4 weeks.... what?!

Four weeks ago we attempted to "have" a baby. We tried, for 12 whole hours. He wasn't coming on his own, so my doctor went the induction route.  If there is truth in laughter being the best medicine, I wouldn't have succumb to the glorious epidural, because we laughed all day.  Hubs and I will often take people of guard with our inappropriate humor and "did they just say that out loud" comments. Everything was progressing awesome, and fast.  Doctor check ins were on a 3 hour  rotation. We rocked the whole "dilation" thing in a few hours, and then hit 9 1/2 cm. With a light at the end of our "you just feel pressure right?!" tunnel, we hit the brakes. Big Head wasn't going to make through the door.  Medically speaking it was a classic case of round peg, square hole.  My doctor said we could push for a few hours, but in the end we were headed the c section route.  At this point in the day I was good with it. I mean he had to come out and why put off the inevitable. Truth be told, I was STARVING and I thought a c section would put me closer to food. (by the way, I was wrong... I survived for the next 12 hours on smuggled Graham Crackers).

"Oh we are having a baby in the next hour, when can I eat?" I'm sensitive. Sign me up for mother of the year ;).

I skipped EVERY section of the baby studies regarding the C section, because I knew I wasn't having one. Ha- not that it would have mattered because when you are strapped down to a table, pumped full of so many drugs you couldn't wiggle your big toe you really don't have any say in what's happening.

Once things got rolling, it was quick. Our son was born- I didn' t have him,  my day ended when  tactical team of doctors and nurses safely removed the barricaded little boy in my stomach. 

Newsworthy?! No, but it's made a mark on our life journey.
We've learned quite a bit in 4 short weeks, from our little Yoda baby.

sleep you won't.
boobs are mine.
puke you  have in your hair, yeeeeessss!
angry I am, change me you must.

Stay tuned for more of life's lessons and journeys! For now we will stop and celebrate 4 weeks of success!  Four weeks of survival, thriving, growing, loving and learning.  Hubs and I continue to fill each day with laughter, lots and lots of laughter (and sometimes wine!). 

Cheers to you little boy!