Tuesday, January 11, 2011

'Licious Fish-ous

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Virginia has been hit with a snowy- ice mix that has put a kink into any sort of schedule that was supposed to happen this week!  Work was canceled today, and they already calling for at least a 2 hour delay tomorrow. It means I can spend more time with "the patient" who's feeling better each day- and currently looking up 2011 trail races!!!
After his manly meat-extravaganza hamburger feast Friday, I sqeezed in two nights of fish in a row! We had Cedar Plank Salmon over Israeli CousCous with roasted tomatoes and brussel sprouts. We picked up cous cous at Trader Joes. If you've never grilled fish on a wood plank do it... this week! It takes about twice as long to cook, so plan accordingly. Here's how it went:
2 salmon filets
2 ish Tbsp olive oil
2 Tbsp lemon juice
sea salt
white wine- splashes, not much
garlic- 1 clove

Marinate the fish for about 30 minutes, meanwhile soak the wood plank in water.  Heat your grill up mega hot... around 500.  Lay the Salmon on the plank and grill. Try not to drool over the smokey goodness coming out of the grill- keep an eye on the plank it should be smoldering not flaming. After roughly 20ish minutes remove the salmon from the grill and start picking at it  serve over a grain with veggies.

We did the Israeli cous cous- which is like a tiny pasta- jazzed up up with garlic, oven roasted tomatoes, olive oil, and brussel sprouts (roasted with the 'maters).

While dinner is extra exciting when I have more time to cook- like a weekend or snow day- I'm really pumped for breakfast foods lately. With the addition of sunflower seed butter to the nut butter collection-that's growing- Oatmeal and apple slices have a completely different twist! I'm lovin' it.... Did anyone else catch the McDonald's oatmeal commericals?! I'm a skeptic- not sure what the Golden Arches would do to my beloved favorite breakfast, but it can't be good!

Tomorrow I'm pumped for Smoothies with coconut oil in them... We've had it in our pantry for a few weeks, and aside from stir fry really haven't used it. With a nutritional reputation like this, I'm stoked to start adding it to smoothies- for a daily dose of all that coconut deliciousness!

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