Saturday, November 27, 2010

What Saturdays are made of...

Sometimes I don't know if I truly love running or want to love running... it depends on the day and the run I guess. I do love how it makes me feel- and lately I've been avoiding running. Excuses, excuses- but should we really makes excuses to keep away from doing something that makes us feel so good?! Funny the way we humans work- I'd rather put away laundry and scrub bathrooms... I think not.
So this morning we hopped in the car- well after being met with one obstacle after another- headed to one of our favorite places to run, and had a blast. Stopping periodically to snap some photos, we still managed to put in a decent 4.5 miles. The dogs are pretty new to this whole running thing, so it's taking some time getting them used to not pulling, er dragging, me through the trails.
Today I kinda loved running... but only a little bit!
I love running up hills- LOVE IT!! It's going down them that I hate... bizarro!!!

Movin' along with my Whiskey Girl

We came home hung out, made some lunch.... and have gotten full use out of our "relaxing" weekend! For lunch Hubs had leftovers- Turkey Enchiladas! I was craving warmth so I set out to create a Turkey and Veggie soup. Mainly this was out of necessity to eat up leftover turkey, and finish eating up the veggies before heading to the store this week. Into my favorite (well one of my favorite) kitchen tool- the Dutch Oven- went garlic, onion, butternut squash, parsnips, celery, leeks, water, vegetable broth, turkey, fat free milk, fresh sage, salt/pepper, and sriracha -for kick! Nothing was measured, just a handful of this and that. To mellow out the sweetness of the squash the sriracha was added as a last minute ingredient! It gave it a spicy, sweet flavor that I was pleased with.
Afterwards it was hot tea time. I am definitely one who enjoys the festivities of the holidays- decadent food and bottomless glasses of wine.... mocha porters, and milk stouts.... oh my! I'll take all of the above, but it's JUST as important to celebrate the quiet moments in life. So today's crunchy leaves, chilled wind, snoozing pups, and hubs' trail companionship set my soul on fire- and my glutes!

So about that glass of wine....


  1. what a delight to see not one, not two, but three updates from my fave. glad you are enjoying the break!!

  2. oh my - those running trails are just STUNNING!!!!!