Monday, November 29, 2010


The hubs had me pick out something to make for his company Christmas Party this weekend- only problem someone else is doing BBQ.... so my GINORMOUS pork butt will sit in freezer for a while long... I was really excited about making pulled pork sliders... oh well!

I need help coming up with an easy finger food for about 50 people....any commenters chosen will have my love and respect!!


  1. ashby - are you opposed to sausage? i'd suggest making sausage balls, as they are quick/easy, can be eaten at room temp, and they are ALWAYS a crowd pleaser. every time i make them they are gone. i personally have issues with sausage, but most people don't! ;) i'll send you the recipe tonight and you can take it or leave it! good luck!!!

    I have made several things from this site. One of the girls went to school with Caroline.

  3. How about meatballs. They are easy and always well received.

  4. I agree with Jen, make the sausage balls, they are fabulous!!!