Sunday, November 21, 2010

Lost Blogger...


1 blonde 20 something who used to take pictures of her food and write about it-

last seen wrangling 23 little ones into book bags to be whisked away on a bus home....

I guess it goes without saying that I've been MIA! Obviously, I've still been cooking- and sometimes making DELICIOUS meals!

Caution- time to get your violin out for excuses- The Internet where we live was less than desirable (I could open email, but didn't have enough juice to respond.) With a new set up rolling, we are back in business... for now...

With my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE holiday only 4 days away, I figured now is as good a time as any to get back in the swing of things- after all I enjoy cooking, snapping photos, and jotting down random thoughts about the whole process!

With last years near melt-down state over lumpy gravy and a save by the Moms, there are sure to be interesting stories to share!

I leave you with a few pictures of random Fall eats and of course pups, and hope to return with my trials and tribulations in 2nd annual Thanksgiving Dinner - at our place! With answers to questions such as how long does it take to defrost that bird? And- ooooh that's why I should have gotten a baster- what do I do now?

Baked Spice Rubbed Chicken Ready for a Cranberry Topping

The pups in all their cuteness- somewhere along the way we adopted another one (that's a whole blog post!)

Tampa Chicken"- courtesy of my step father after a wine tour with my mom and sister

The Tower of Wine- at The Hague Winery

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  1. Ok so tell me how to make that Tampa Chicken bc it looks yummy!