Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sunday- Yumday

I am a lady of luxury... or so I was today! I left the house this morning to go pick up my mom. We visited a sick friend, headed over to my childhood friend's baby shower, ran errands around town- all before heading home to a 'licious dinner being fixed by hubs!

Hubs had it going on tonight.... on my way home he asked THE question- what are you feeling for dinner?

I mean after all it is a feeling- well, I'm feeling seafood, salad, I don't know why do I have to commit to one thing?!?!

I countered with what are YOU feeling?

This can go on forever some nights...

His answer was hmmm.. I was thinking Asian food!

PERFECT, I thought an Asian Seafood Salad sounded wonderful!

Fast forward 30 minutes and I arrive to the preparation of Asian Squid Salad, Grilled Curry Chicken- and Teriyaki Chicken, with a side of rice noodles and grilled veggies!

It satisfied every ounce of craving! The salad had a Nuoc Cham dressing (which was made from garlic-3 smushed cloves, Agave nectar- 2 Tbsp, fish sauce- 3 Tbsp, water -3 Tbsp, lime juice-3 Tbsp, and Chili garlic sauce- to taste). Dinner was amazing, the company- even better!

Now it's time to wrap my mind around the 3 day work week, before Turkey Day!!

I'm extra Thankful for the time I get to spend with the hubs and these two!

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