Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's day... and all that jazz...

I am a Valentine's Day scrooge. Hubby doesn't seem to mind, we both love to do nice things for each other all through out the year.  Candy, flowers, and fancy dinners are not my thing. I'd rather put a plant in the ground, share dark chocolate with sea salt every night, and whip up something tasty in my own kitchen.

I may have a jaded view of the arrow shooting punk from countless years of Valentine's dinner served to couples enjoying bottles of wine, and a prix fixe menu of appetizer, salad, entree, and a dessert for two.  Not that I didn't have a Valentine's to share it with.... but much like New Year's Eve this holiday is pretty much lost to me. Years of restaurant abuse will do that to you.

If you are going to celebrate with your love at a restaurant this fine evening please follow a few simple rules.

1. Don't sit on the same side of the table.... it's just bizarre.

2. Stop making out when your server is striving to get your attention, after all you are there to eat!

3. Just like every couple in there, you are celebrating a special night (along with no making out) please keep hands and feet in plain view at all times.... you have no idea.

4. Don't be complicated and ask for multiple substitutions, you chose to dine out at said restaurant with it's fixed menu with limited options...

5. Expect to pay a prime price for you dinner, but don't stiff your server! They work hard to keep your order's straight, your dressing on the side, steamed veggies, no butter, grilled fish, light ice, twist of lime- no lemon straight, with a smile, and a of course "that's no problem attitude"....

Should you stay home, whip up some saffron rice with chicken, shrimp and veggies. Open a bottle of wine. Snuggle next to the one you love on the couch. That is my kinda Valentine's Day  Monday ;-)

How to's for tonight's dinner coming up tomorrow. Right now I've got a Valentine to hang out with!

No matter how you spent it, I hope everyone had a lovely Valentine's Day! 

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