Sunday, February 20, 2011

... pt 2 Saturday shopping

Saturday mornings have been a long fought battle in our house. Do we enjoy extra time with coffee, 'news', puppy play time, meanderings through the yard and woods.... or do we get up get moving, and start accomplishing the days goals?! Starting to run errands around 2pm is never a good idea- someone always ends up grumpy!  Yesterday we headed off errand running mishaps by leaving around 10am! It was fantastic to wrap up the necessities- Home Depot- and stop in to a few extra spots- Home Goods... sorry hubs... and REI.  We were searching for lanterns for our front porch, but left with marinades and sauces...  As pay back for dragging hubs into home goods, I was followed by a giant ceramic bunny with wings.  Steve carried it on his shoulder for about 30 minutes, nice and high for everyone in sight to stop and give us a puzzled look.  What's with the seemingly normal looking couple and their affinity to ugly ceramic figurines...?!
The looks people were giving us were hilarious- it more than made up for the screaming children, claustrophobic aisles, and 4 mismatched lanterns we found randomly through out the store!

All the excitement left me hungry. We stopped by Umi, for a sushi fix! We missed the lunch hours, and were way to early for dinner.  We went with a back up plan, and everything was made right, with a few sandwiches and roasted red pepper soup from Cafe Caturra!

Thanks to leaving early in the morning we were able to make another weekend trip to Nadolski's to pick up dinner provisions. Our game plan was pick up whatever fresh fish was out- and then go from there! We went with Organic Scottish Salmon, 1/2 dozen oysters, and 1/2 lb shrimp.  It was all we could do not to add gobs of cheese, and slices of bacon to our order! Everything in moderation- especially in this shop!!

We made our way home let the grill heat up and feasted on some amazing eats!!!

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