Saturday, February 12, 2011

nasal sounding mouth breather.... hawt!!

I have always boasted about an incredible immune system.... working with kids, but never getting sick.... flu shot- whatevs, I don't get 'em!  Enter a slice of humble pie...
Monday I woke up with a raging head cold, miserable I went to work anyway- keeping a safe distance from everyone in sight.  Tuesday and Wednesday were repeats. I succumbed to the "s" word, admitted defeat- I was sick!  Thursday I sought relief at the doctor, only to find out I had a "virus that had to run it's course." 
While there was no magic medication to cure my cold- I got serious help from hubs, soup, and ginger!

Hubby made a KILLER spicy chicken and white bean soup. It had enough red pepper flakes to set any die hard caspian fan's mouth on fire. I nursed it for days, loving every spicy drop.  I swear every time I had a bowl I would feel relief for a couple of hours... and then go back for more!

My willingness to try anything for relief of a stuffy head, and tight chest led both Steve and myself on a search-  led by my FAVORITE search engine. Each of us found MULTIPLE sites touting ginger's medicinal values. Ginger has widely been known to settle an upset stomach, but also can help knock out a cold!  After getting some knobby fresh ginger, I began sipping on ginger tea.  As with anything, excess has potential dangers, moderation is key!  One tablespoon a day in hot water, with honey and lemon, opened up my airways! 

soup, tea, and daily dose of puppy luv
Not everything you google is worthwhile, and your course of treatment should definitely come from a doctor! Mine said rest and liquids ( I just spiced it up a bit!). Thankfully I was able to get both with the help of a fantastic hubby.  As I start to feel better, I realize I don't really ever get sick (here we go again) but when I do I am lucky to be married to this dude!

While laying on the couch, refreshing FB every ten minutes the other day, I decided to take a peak at hubby's blog.  I love reading his posts! He added a new page.  Check it out- OUT THERE !!!!  It chronicles some of our favorite camping spots in VA and NC! Definitely lifts the mood of a sick girl, tired of winter, ready to roll out the sleeping bag again!!!

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