Sunday, February 20, 2011

prized weekend part 1

Inevitably there are some weeks where every possible meeting, and scheduled event falls. This past week was one of those weeks. Busy! Hubby's schedule was altered a bit, mine was full to the brim. After a couple weeks of the bronchitis monster zapping energy and motivation, it was nice when the weekend arrived and we were both healthy, and ready to enjoy it.

Friday night started off with spinach and ricotta stuffed puff pastry! They were a fun, and easy little finger food- perfect for sitting on our deck in the warm evening air.  Friday's 74 degree temps sent us outside for evening. We enjoyed nibbles, and drinks before grilling sea scallops and flank steak.  Steve is always honest about kitchen fails and triumphs. He will be the first to tell me if the meat is tough or the veggies are mushy.  My grilled flank steak has historically come out tough. The super lean meat is a great source of protein, but leaves something to be desired in the tenderness category.  To combat this  I marinated it for a few hours before grilling- using an extra dose of apple cider vinegar!!!  We grilled it to about medium, before pulling it off and letting it stand for 10 minutes.  The key to preventing beef flavored bubble gum is slicing it paper thin.  This of course is easier with a nice sharp knife.  Hubs loved it! I made a mental note- marinate for a long time, add extra vinegar, slice as thin as possible! Welcome back flank steak, you've been missed!!!

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