Sunday, August 15, 2010

Workin' for the Weekend!

This week flew by in a blur. I remember the students came back on Monday, there were some meetings sprinkled in through out the week, school supplies were stuffed into cabinets, forms, forms, and more forms were filled out sorted and inventoried, and then FRIDAY... glorious Friday! Last year I was lucky enough to work directly with some amazing women. I made incredible life long friendships- as we shared a hallway, we got to see each other multiple times a day! This year my friends and I are split up into different buildings for some, and opposite ends of my building for others. I am so happy to have my new team, and LOVE where I am, but miss seeing my girlfriends everyday! To catch up on the first week of school, we made it out to Weston Farm Vineyard and Winery to have our first "wine down" of the school year. I expect to have many more at this fabulous location. We tasted all of the wines, ordered a glass, and set out on the deck to overlook the acres of grapes, farm animals, and cloud covered countryside that relaxed even the most frazzled teacher-accompanied by random gun shots- someone gearing up for hunting season perhaps?! AHHHH sweet country living! I went with a glass of their Rosso- a blend of Cab Franc and Norton (norton being an all time fave wine)!

Picked this up to accompany dinner!

Our time passed too quickly, as we all dashed off to Friday night plans! Mine included a puppy play date with my younger sister and her two dogs. In an effort to keep up the "socialization" of our Min Pit- miniature pit bull- with other dogs we invited her to come out bring the dogs, and stay for dinner! It was a blast. The dogs wore each other out- and even had a visit from 2 neighborhood goldens, that make it an effort to sneak down here as often as possible (or just to the creek to cool off and get muddy)!
Dinner was simple, healthy, filling, and tasty! Mojo marinated grilled chicken breasts over brown rice, with lightly sauteed veggies and black beans. It was put together quickly- almost too quick for a weekend dinner! The veggies were sauteed and seasoned with cumin, garlic, pepper, and chili powder!

Wine was had.

Conversations continued.

Jokes were made.

Laughter filled the room.

This Friday definitely set a precedent for others!

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