Sunday, August 8, 2010

Riders on the... mountain...

So we woke up Saturday morning with the truck ready to take us westward on 64! This journey would be to Walnut Creek Park. Upon a 9:30AM arrival we set up in the parking lot with a handful of other riders.

Map in tow, we adventured out to ride a 11.25 mile figure eight.
Silly us, we saved a grueling up hill for mile number 8... live and learn! The park was the perfect place, perfect temp, and perfect distance from the house to be within a weekly striking distance- but new enough to send that little kid adventurous part of your brain (that EVERYONE has) into a frenzy! I believe WOOO HOOO sums it up.

This ride definitely took it's toll on me. Two wrecks- 1 bruised and battered leg, and 1 smashed pinkie finger- merely right of passage.. right of wreckage... one or the other, so I'm told!

hitting these rocks I promptly went flying off my bike, getting tangled up in it... but no tears!

Upon returning to the truck I announced to Hubs, that the time has come to retire the Cannondale. My fabulous first of bikes has been on many rides, logged many miles, and thrown me on the ground many times.

We came home and crashed again, this time in bed. When we woke up, pups took priority and a long walk was in order! Dinner was dreamt during the walk- and a trip to the store was next!

After picking up all of the ingredients we feasted on Asian Chicken in Lettuce Cups, Shrimp Spring rolls, and Homemade Baked Egg Rolls- this of course shared the spotlight with a glass of Vinho Verde!

a trio of sauces for dipping pleasure
And now as I reflect on my amazing weekend, I already look forward to the next one. See, my students return tomorrow- after too short of a summer! Time to put in practice careful planning, organized and precise time management, and prayers for sanity!!! Bring on another school year!

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