Friday, August 6, 2010

upside down

WOW!!! This bloggin' world has been turned upside down!!!

Just as I expected the school year has come and left little personal time in my days... weeks... ARGH!!! It is SO hard to find down time that my eyes aren't slowly closing, as sleep persuades me to get in bed around 9PM. I'm such an old woman this time of year!

So long mid week glasses of wine....

Long gone are days of gym classes and hard hitting workouts whenever the mood strikes...

Lately time has been taken up by this lil' lady as well. We've extended our trial period from 1 week to 2. It is hard to pass judgement when setting up the classroom has been number 1 priority for me, and Lord knows the hubs had 'one of those weeks.'

Dinners have been consistently wonderful, and healthy. Workouts have been tweaked to include 5AM runs. Strength training has not gone so well this week, but there is always next week.

For now the goal is to get into the groove, find a schedule, and POST MORE RECIPES!!!!!
Until then I will leave a teaser... Summer Chipotle Chili with White Beans along side Cheddar Corn (whole wheat) Biscuits.... satisfy my soul...

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