Saturday, July 24, 2010

Stuffed 'Maters

When I am happy, I cook. Mad- cook, sad- cook, pretty much any emotion results in me celebrating or not in the kitchen! About the only time I don't feel like cooking is when I'm sick. So it only seemed fitting to spend all of Friday afternoon in the kitchen.

Per the request of a dear, dear friend I wanted to do something different with tomatoes. Enter Quinoa stuffed Tomatoes! This figure friendly dish packs a major protein punch-without meat!

To prepare the tomatoes, I cut off the top and discarded the seeds. I scooped out the flesh. I saved the flesh and mixed it in with cooked quinoa, spinach, garlic, carrots, olive oil, and salt and pepper in the food processor. I spooned the mixture back into the tomato and baked in an oven at 375 for about 20/25 minutes.

*** Due to my propensity for over stuffing, one totally exploded on me! Learn from my mistake once it's full, don't continue to pack it in!

'Licious and low fat! We didn't eat them for dinner, but they made an excellent Saturday lunch! Throw on top of a mixed green salad and you have the perfect light lunch! The texture of the quinoa almost fooled hubs into thinking there was lean ground meat in the mixture!

Check back for more food we didn't eat until Saturday... homemade black bean burgers, pizza- with dough from scratch, and sun dried tomato dip- made with Greek yogurt!

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