Thursday, July 8, 2010

The beginning of a love affair

We recently returned from a trip to Portsmouth Island, our third adventure there. Portsmouth Island was our home away from home for 6 days, and it offered us a chance to relax and unplug for minute! It's a place that touches your soul, and has you planning your next trip before you even leave.

Let's rewind to June 2008- my hubs was reading his monthly issue of Outside Magazine and found a small blip on a magical place that offered beach camping, ON THE BEACH!!!! WHAT?!?! No houses, no shopping, no pavement, hardly any people- does this really exist!!? Well yes my friends, it most certainly does!! We both knew that a trip that summer wouldn't be possible, as I was already gearing up for my next school year- in a new location!

We did make a pact that NEXT SUMMER- 2009, we would go and experience all of the beauty that an uninhabited island would have to offer!

Fast forward to June 2009 we spent a week camping on the beach, catching fish, and loving life! We were hooked- literally!

April 2010 brought us back to the island, but this time it was SPRING!! What a difference- the wind was blowing hard - ALL WEEK! Sand was pummeling us, and all of our gear! It was amazing in it's own right, but definitely different.

April's trip did not satiate our desire to unplug and relax on the beach, so we had to squeeze 1 more trip in this year!

We wrapped up June and brought in July down around milepost 8! This trip was pushed back- due to a sick dog, but I wouldn't change a THING about it. The planning and execution were a total success in our adventure book (I even managed to squeeze in a run and a few pilates moves during all that laying around soaking up the good vibes action)!

Who knows what type of trips lie ahead for us- there were rumors of a backpacking getaway, and canoe camping trip in the upcoming weeks! For now I'm happy keeping the laid back vibe, this trip to Portsmouth Island bestowed upon me. Morning dips in an ocean will do that to you.

Interested in PI?! Here is how we got there.

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