Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Marry Your Best Friend

Lesson 3 is the most important. Should you leave your campsite messy before having to move it- it will just make your move a bigger pain.  Should you forget Benadryl... well you may be totally screwed.  But make sure you are married to your best friend- if they aren't then you better start making them your bestie!  I will not convince Steve that a couples massage and pedi  are a great bonding experience... or that white wine is perfect in the Summertime.

Epitome of manliness
And while he tries, he'll never teach me about the trajectory of bullets and whatnot.... or that a ceramic dragon would look cool in ANY room of the house.. well maybe the garage.
Nothing says "Welcome to Our Home" like a dragon....
What makes him my best friend is that in ANY situation, I know that together we are capable of succeeding. Small tasks like cooking dinner together started our relationship off in the right direction. Small tasks turned into larger ones- purchasing a house, combining different tastes and redefining OUR combined style, taking care of our 4 legged fur babies, and being able to STILL have fun on a trip that went south just a few days into it!
Random acts of Beach Yoga
We mentioned packing it up and heading home- SHOULD the pups need a trip to the emergency vet. A decision not to take lightly, as we were on an island and would have had to call in the privately run ferry to pick us up.
please get me out of here
 Our trip may sound like a nightmare to some- and believe me parts of it were!

Boy, I'm not taking you home til you catch me a tuna
 We were also able to have a blast together, once we knew the pups were going to be fine.  We goofed off in the ocean, spent hours catching fish, spotted sharks feeding REALLY close to the beach, saw the most amazing stars, cooked world class dinners, drank incredible craft beer, listened to soul stirring music, and fell more in love! 

Fly Venom has been known to have this effect of people... true story

nom nom nom
 Inspite of less than desirable circumstances, we were able to enjoy moments of bug relief- with an optimistic approach.

Beautiful sunset = flies gone, enter mosquitoes
  Lesson #3- It's not about where you are, but who you're with. If the person you married becomes your best friend, you are good to go!

just like our first date.. only we're married!

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