Thursday, June 2, 2011

He thinks he's funny...

...but I beg to differ! I mean who calls his very own wife out... publicly....on a blog... hehehe! I actually laughed -hard- reading Hubby's blog about tonight's dinner.  In all actuality I have missed food updates, but enjoyed the break (our painful internet service can be unbearable!). Work proved to be extra challenging February- April.... workouts slacked.... food photos ceased... It is with renewed vigor that recipe writing and me time has come back in full effect.  Before jumping into eats here's a quick recap of the past few months....

March- The windy month brought 2 family birthdays, desserts, and dinners galore!

April- hubs and I snuck away to South West Virginia to celebrate his birthday!

Birthday dinner- Crab stuffed flounder with asparagus and shrimp :)
  May- one of my oldest girlfriends celebrated her upcoming baby boy with a shower. Selecting food was so fun- having her super fabulous photographer sister take pics of them was even better! If you're in Seattle look her up-Jenny Hughes!
Shrimp Stuffed Mushrooms- Photo courtesy of Jenny Hughes
 I went with Pioneer Woman's stuffed mushroom recipe- but tweaked it by substituting shrimp for the sausage, and adding red peppers to the mix! They were pretty awesome!
Grilled Veggies and Caprese Skewers- Photo courtesy of Jenny Hughes
Olive oil coated veggies  made for an easy appetizer along mozzarella, basil, and tomato bites!

I promise we've been eating, drinking wine, switching from porters to IPA's, and slowly setting up our outdoor living space- now it's back to snapping photos of it all!

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