Sunday, September 12, 2010

Whiskey in the Kitchen

Everyone could use a little Whiskey in the kitchen, in my case Whiskey the new pup! She is lively, fun, full of unimaginable energy. One of her neatest traits is her lean- she will rest up against the wall, furniture- or my favorite me!

She was ever present in the kitchen tonight, while hubs and I had our 2 person party! We wanted to SPOIL ourselves with a fun date night in!

So we grilled up some lobster tails, corn, and red snapper- and made homemade mini crab cakes for our feasting pleasure. We brushed the lobster and corn with olive oil, salt, and a little pepper. The red snapper was dusted with garlic, cayenne pepper, chili pepper, and salt before going on a HOT grill!!

This went oh-so-well with mini crab cakes. When the decision was put before hubs-crab cakes or grilled scallops, he said hands down crab cakes always win!

Alongside all this food was Sierra Nevada Brown Ales- thank you brown ale gods! Music was going great, but went horribly wrong somewhere around 10PM... only to be remedied by David Gray's newest released album! His voice was PERFECT for our romantic night in!

This message brought to you by Whiskey- the min pit!

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